McAir Aviation
I-20 Application


We will use this information to create the I-20 form that will be necessary for you to obtain your Student Visa and enter the United States.  Because the I-20 is such a vital document for you to begin your flight training with McAir Aviation, please complete the following carefully. Ensure that all of the information listed is correct.

After you submit this form, we will review the information and contact you via email with any additional questions.

Family Surname:
First Name:
Middle Name:
  Example: Joe Smith, Junior

Foreign Address:
Postal Code/ZIP:

Date of Birth:
  Enter as MM/DD/YYYY
Country of Birth:
Country of Citizenship:
Do you have a current and valid passport:
If yes, when does your passport expire:
  Enter as MM/DD/YYYY

Highest Level of Education Completed:
Do you currently have any flight time or hold any Certificates or Ratings:
If yes, please detail what Certificates or Ratings you hold:
Total Flight Time:
Are you able to pass an FAA Medical Exam:
Can you read and speak English:

What date would ou like to begin your training:
  Enter as MM/DD/YYYY
Please check all of the certificates and ratings you wish to get at McAir:

Are you transferring from a flight school you are currently attending?
  If Yes please explain:
Who can we notify in case of an emergency?
Were you refered to us? If yes, by who or how?

Please enter the word below in the box to the right: