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Gary and John,

I know we met just briefly, but I wanted to send you an email and this seems like a perfect reminder for me to do so.  I received my Commercial Multi Add on in about a week with Justin Wigal. 

I must say thank you for taking such great care of me and my need for this urgent request.  I have flown in the past 2 years with 3 different flight schools and I must say that you are all head and shoulders above all of them when it comes to professionalism.  Justin was extremely knowledgeable and patient with me when teaching me the differences about your Seminole and  my last schools technique. 

I regret not having taken all of my flight training with you and when I complete my ground school for Mesa Airlines I will definitely be back for my CFI’s.  I can’t tell how fortunate I felt to be able to fly with Mc Air and Justin Wigal.  Enjoy the Fly-In and maybe next year I will be able to go.

God Bless,
Rod P.


Advanced Flight Training.
From Zero to the Airlines and Everything in Between!

Once you have obtained your Pilot License, McAir Aviation offers training for advance ratings all the way through to your ATP (airline transport pilot).

            • Instrument
            • Instrument Instructor
            • Certified Flight Instructor
            • Commercial
            • Multi Engine
            • Biannual Flight Reviews

Experienced instructors provide a one-on-one learning experience. Your assigned instructor will provide you with the optimal training experience through the classroom, simulator and aircraft phases of the programs.

Want to ACCELERATE right through your training? So do we! Our success is built on providing training to meet your needs, your time frame, and your budget. And that's why the US government chooses McAir time and time again.

Expert flight training at a fraction of the cost - that's what McAir is all about!

Call Us For a Personal Review of Your LogBook with McAir's Chief Flight Instructor. We Will Show You the Most Cost Effective Way to Get You Where You Want to Be!

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