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"Dear John, Gary, and staff at McAir Aviation,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the privilege of beginning my flight training here at McAir. From day one, I have been amazed at the professional, friendly, and educational atmosphere at McAir. "

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Computer Based Instruction

Skip the Lectures - Start Flying Today!

At McAir Aviation, you'll be using our Exclusive Computer Based Instruction program.


Gone are the mountains of books and hours spent in a traditional ground-school classroom. In their place, you'll find the industry's only totally integrated flight training system. One that will fully empower you to learn as you fly. And to fly as you learn.

You've Just Watched Your First Flight Lesson!
You Have Only 25 More To Go!

private pilot flight training kit and supplies to learn to flyDeveloped by The Cessna Aircraft Company and world-renowned King Schools, our Computer-Based Instruction, or CBI, walks you interactively through each flight-learning session. The CBI program allows you to interact through multi-media labs to gain the necessary knowledge for each rating. You'll learn everything you need to know - not only to pass your exam, but also to be a knowledgeable, competent pilot.

Study wherever you go. At home. At the office. Even while traveling. You'll watch presentations by top aviation educators, see dramatic, enlightening in-flight footage, take interactive quizzes, learn interesting trivia, and prepare for upcoming lessons before you ever climb into the airplane.

This state of the art training aid is superior due to one simple fact - knowledge retention. Studies have proven that computer based instruction provides understanding and comprehension of material better than any instructor guided ground school or text book.

Ground lesson labs can be conducted at any time convenient for you with the use of a home PC or here at McAir. Students are able to accelerate through ground lessons - saving time and money. In addition, you are able to actually preview video of your upcoming flight before each lesson (just like the above).

In essence, you'll see it and do it before ever leaving the ground. This, in turn, produces the most efficient training event for each flight.

The system allows you to save precious time and money in the air by knowing the material before flying.

Want to know one of our secrets to a high student pass rate and low completion times? It's our training materials. Available only at a Cessna Pilot Center, and there is no place better to start your training than at McAir.



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