Flight Training at McAir!

We�re proud to be a Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), a flight school specially selected by the Cessna Aircraft Company that represents top-quality, professional flight training.

McAir Instructor and Student Flying

Cessna�s integrated, interactive training will help you fly through your ground training. You can learn everything you�ll need to be a proficient pilot with online computer and tablet-based curriculum. For flight training, you take to the skies. You�ll learn the skills and gain experience to operate an airplane on your own.

Why be a pilot?

  • Fun! Learning to fly is a fun hobby all in itself. The only thing better is that once you�ve accomplished your goal, you can then share the thrill of flying with your friends and family.
  • Avoid airport security. When you learn to fly general aviation aircraft, you�ll get used to the ease with which you walk out to your airplane and just go fly! Say goodbye to waiting in security lines!
  • Career path. Being a pilot can be an extremely exciting and rewarding career.
  • Business travel. Save time and money by flying to those business meetings that are too far away to drive, but a hassle to get to when you have to wait in security lines when flying commercial. If you are a small business owner there are also great tax write-offs available!
  • Leisure travel. Whether you take the family on a vacation or go on a weekend trip with some friends, being your own pilot will allow you to travel to new places with ease.
  • It�s a challenge! Only around 1% of the population ever accomplishes the goal of becoming a pilot. It will be one of your most rewarding accomplishments in life!

Start with Ground School

McAir Flight Training Ground School

Learning to fly isn�t all adrenaline and thrills. Comprehensive instruction on the ground is critical to your success as a pilot as this is where you�ll develop your knowledge of aircraft operations and safety that you will later apply on the ground as well as in the air.

At McAir, there is no formal �ground school� as many people think. All ground school is self-study at your own pace utilizing our Cessna Computer Based Instruction (CBI) Kit. Developed by The Cessna Aircraft Company and world-renowned King Schools, our CBI kit walks you interactively through each flight-learning session. The program allows you to interact through multi-media labs to gain the necessary knowledge for each rating. You'll learn everything you need to know - not only to pass your exam, but also to be a knowledgeable, competent pilot. Study wherever you go � at home, in the office, or even while traveling. You'll watch presentations by top aviation educators, see dramatic, enlightening in-flight footage, take interactive quizzes, learn interesting trivia, and prepare for upcoming lessons before you ever climb into the airplane.

This state-of-the-art training aid is superior due to one simple fact - knowledge retention. Studies have proven that computer-based instruction provides understanding and comprehension of material better than any instructor guided ground school or textbook.

In essence, you'll see it and do it before ever leaving the ground. This, in turn, produces the most efficient training event for each flight. The system allows you to save precious time and money in the air by knowing the material before flying.

Flight Training Options

  • Private Pilot (PPL) � Course topics include flight maneuvers; aircraft control and navigation skills; traffic pattern operations; cross-country flight planning; weather reports and services; the national airspace system; and proper aviation terminology.
  • Instrument Rating (IR) � Course topics include instrument flight rules (IFR); cross-country procedures; air traffic control operations; navigation systems; flight instrument emergency procedures; and partial and full-panel configurations.
  • Commercial Pilot � Course topics include advanced flying; upset recovery training; and airline pilot training.
  • Multi-Engine (MEL) - This final course provides an add-on license to the Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot Single-Engine certificate you will have already earned.

Your Private Pilot License

A private pilot license grants you access to fly most single engine planes day or night, pending fair weather conditions.

Earn Advanced Ratings

Want a career as a commercial pilot? Then you'll need advanced ratings to help analyze weather better and anticipate what to do next.

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