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If you are pursuing a career in aviation, or, you want to experience the challenge and adventure of flight, this is the place to become a safe, competent pilot.

Whether it be the FAA, US Navy or the 1000's of satisfied clients we have trained, McAir Aviation is recognized nationally as a great place to learn to fly and receive professional flight training and instruction. And McAir has the results to back it up.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose McAir Aviation

  • McAir is a Certified FAA Flight School. Most places that train pilots are not regulated by the FAA.

  • McAir is the founding school of the SkyWest Airlines Bridge Program. Train and get the career you want.

  • McAir Aviation has ranked in the top 10 of over 300 Cessna Pilot Centers World Wide for over 12 years.

  • In 2006, McAir Aviation was awarded the prestigious Diamond Award by the Cessna Aircraft Company for "Excellence In Flight Training". The highest award for flight training.

  • Over 94% of our students pass their flight test on the first attempt - significantly above the national average for flight schools.

  • Our new pilots earn their licenses an average of 20% faster. Where the national average to complete your pilot flight training is well over 70 hours, at McAir Aviation, our clients average 52 hours of training. That lower completion time can save you thousands of dollars in flight training costs.

  • McAir offers the newest, most modern fleet of Next Generation Aircraft in the Rocky Mountain Region.

  • Full-time, on staff instructors dedicated to your success.

  • FAA approved State of the Art On-line Training Materials. No ground school required.

  • Real-time Online Scheduling - schedule and check on your flights from any Internet connection.

  • Quiet study areas and classrooms

  • Aircraft safety is managed by our in-house maintenance facility.

  • Approved by the Colorado State Approving Agency to offer VA Benefits.


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McAir is proud to be chosen to provide flight training to the U.S. Government Agencies and Departments below:

US Navy
Initial Flight Screening

Government flight training
US Air Force
Initial Flight Training

us airforce initial flight training
US Drug Enforcement Agency

us drug enforcement agency
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

flight instruction
Department of
Homeland Security

us department of homeland security flight training

mattMr. Matt Betts:
Former McAir Student & Flight Instructor

First Officer,
Horizon Air
Bombardier Q400

As a former student and employee of McAir Aviation, I am writing with great pleasure to recommend McAir for your flight training.

McAir Aviation’s state of the art facility and perfectly maintained fleet of new aircraft promises a successful future for each student enrolled in the program.

McAir is proud to have one of the largest fleets of all new aircraft in the nation.   However, having started my flight training in 2001, I can tell you this spotless new fleet didn’t always exist – it was built over several years of dedication from McAir’s two co-owners, Gary Hulme and John Wiltfang.   In addition to transitioning the fleet from 1970s aircraft to next-generation aircraft, Gary and John have transformed the facility into a large student-centered school and the leading Cessna Pilot Center in the nation.

Having completed all my flight training – private pilot through mult-engine instructor – at McAir, I can tell you with confidence there is no place I would have rather trained than with them.  Gary and John consistently offered me opportunity.  After beginning initial flight training, they hired me to work the front counter in 2002.  After earning my CFI in 2004, Gary and John allowed me to advance to instructing, and then ultimately to position of Check Airman in 2006.

Toward the end of 2006, Gary and John were instrumental in my getting hired at Horizon Air. Today, I fly the Bombardier Q400 at Horizon. McAir has always had the student in focus, and continues to do so.

These two entrepreneurs have devoted their lives to what we know today as McAir Aviation. Additionally, Justin Wigal and Luke Collison have assisted significantly in the success of McAir. While the facility and aircraft are the best you will find, I must say it is the people who have put the school in the national flight training spotlight.

Matthew Betts
First Officer, Horizon Air
Bombardier Q400


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"Dear John, Gary, and staff at McAir Aviation,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the privilege of beginning my flight training here at McAir. From day one, I have been amazed at the professional, friendly, and educational atmosphere at McAir. "

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Mr. Steve Brightman:
Former McAir Flight Instructor
First Officer, Continental Airlines
Boeing 757/767 

To the aspiring pilot, student or professional:

I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank both Gary and John for providing me with the job opportunity that was the foundation for my career as a professional pilot.  I attribute my success in aviation to their undying support both during my employment at McAir and after.  They have developed a flight school that is unmatched in its combination of safety practice, fleet, instruction quality, and value.  

As a graduate of the Kent State University flight program, my first taste of flight instruction as a student pilot was under the very specific structure of FAR part 141.  I understand very well the benefits of this type of instruction, as well as some of the pitfalls that come with a school exclusive to this structure.  I cannot express how beneficial it is to gain flight experience at a flight school certified to operate under both Part 61 and Part 141, as McAir is. 

Early on at McAir I had the opportunity to witness first-hand the environment, created by Gary and John, enabling the melding of the best concepts from the two training schemes ultimately enhancing the quality of instruction and safety at the school.  Now that the Part 141 program is an option, there is no other school that offers the level of refined instruction that McAir offers.  This benefit is a result of years of fine tuning from a diverse crowd of the most professional instructors that I have ever worked with. 

As business owners, Gary and John truly understand the inherent benefit of providing their employees with the tools they need to succeed.  It shows in the school’s safety record and it certainly reflects in their pass rate.  Through my continued friendship with Gary and John, and specifically with Justin Wigal, I have been able to keep up on current events at the school.  It is very obvious that this tradition of excellence continues on and the product continues to evolve to an ever -higher level of quality.  Justin is a personal friend of mine and is also a Kent State University alumni and I can attest to his experience and skill as a flight instructor; hence his position at the flight school.  The elements of a successful flying experience, for instructors and students, are abundant and at your disposal at McAir Aviation.

I have seen many variations of pilot training through the progression of my career, including everything from the “license factories” to the university programs from which I graduated.  I find the highest levels of diversity and depth of experience come from the men and women who train in the type of “un-canned” environment offered at McAir.  Regardless of the level of flying you aspire to; from the private pilot to the professional pilot, you will not find a better qualified school to exceed your expectations.  Please feel free to contact me personally if you would like to discuss further the benefits to flying with McAir Aviation;  Gary, John or Justin all have my information and can forward any requests directly to me. 

Steve Brightman
First Officer, Continental Airlines
Boeing 757/767 

ianMr. Ian Flynn:
Former McAir Aviation Student and Flight Instructor

Dear Mr. Hulme and Mr. Wiltfang,

For the better part of the last decade of my life, McAir has been an integral part of who I have become, not only professionally, but personally as well.

Since I first walked in the doors here several years ago as a customer until this very day, as I sit here writing this as a seasoned pilot and instructor, my life has changed in numerous ways. And every step of the way, McAir has been involved in some capacity.

I know as I leave and continue on to the next chapter of my life, I'm not just a better pilot for having been involved with this school, but more importantly, a better person.
I have seen both sides of the training that goes on at McAir, both as a student who had literally never set foot inside a small airplane before, and as an instructor who has been able to help hundreds achieve the actualization of the unrivaled dream of becoming a pilot. The training is second to none, and anyone who can say that they are in some way affiliated with McAir should he proud to do so. I know I am.

This school helped me achieve everything that I could ever have asked for as a pilot and then some. It enabled me to see parts of the world that I would have never otherwise seen. It enabled me to see every one of the contiguous 48 states in just 6 short (long) days. It enabled me to see flight levels instead of altitudes. It enabled me to fly a $30 million dollar airplane with 75 people's lives in my hands down to minimums at 120 knots in a snowstorm and land on a 16,000-foot runway. The point is that McAir has enabled me to do a lot of amazing things with my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I will remember fondly all of the time that I have spent here, and all of the people that I have interacted with along the way. The McAir staff, from the front desk guys, to the mechanics, and to the other instructors, has been a pleasure to work with over the years, and all of that can be attributed to the environment and leadership that is provided at the top. So to both of you, thank you very much for everything that you have done for me.  I look forward to having McAir be a part of my life, in whatever capacity, for many years to come.

Ian Flynn

Mr. Bill Elliott:
Former McAir Aviation Student and Flight Instructor


To Whom It May Concern:

My first experience with McAir Aviation was in January 2005, as a customer.  I was interviewing flight schools in the Denver metro area for the purpose of completing my certified flight instructor training.  My criteria included evaluating the staff, aircraft, facilities, airport environment and safety policies. 

Without question McAir Aviation came out on top in all the categories.  From the minute I walked in the door I was greeted by their professional staff and given a tour of the facility.  The owners, Gary Hulme and John Wiltfang both made a special effort to meet with me and answer all of my questions.

I discovered later that this was not a unique experience.  It is how every new customer is treated at McAir.  My flight training program was presented in a very organized and easily understandable way.  The methodology McAir uses for flight training guarantees success for the committed student pilot. 

Immediately following my CFI training at McAir I was hired by a local flight school.  During the interview process the owner mentioned to me that he tries to emulate McAir’s training processes.

Fast forward to January 2007.  I was hired by McAir as a flight instructor and eventually promoted to the position of check airman.  I remained employed by McAir until May 2009 at which time I accepted a first officer position with a local airline.

As an employee at McAir I could evaluate their programs and customer service practices from the inside.  Every effort is made by the owners and staff to ensure that the Company is delivering on the training expectations of each customer.  Justin Wigal, Chief Flight Instructor makes sure that his team of CFI’s and Check Airmen are providing the finest training and following all FAA guidelines and regulations.

Finally, McAir’s training equipment is the best in the industry.  All aircraft are late models, well equipped, and maintained to exceed the manufacturer’s standards, which ensures availability to the students.  The training environment and processes combine to produce a safe and knowledgeable pilot.  In my opinion there is no finer flight training school than McAir Aviation for a goal oriented student pilot.

Kind Regards,
William L. Elliott

scottMr. Scott Serani :
McAir Aviation Student 


As one of your more recent "private" graduates (Monday.), I am compelled to write you both this letter of sincere thanks. McAir is a first class operation with a first class staff. You saw both my children through multiple programs and stages and now finally, after 30 years of wanting to get here, got their old man through it as well.

To Luke & Danny (the cornerstones of the desk) - your ongoing assistance, great attitudes and sense of humor make coming in those front doors a thing to look forward to.

To Justin Wigal - way to go buddy! You taught me one of the more essential skill sets of flying- the art of breathing. (I'll look forward to meeting your dad someday.)

And most notably, to Bill Elliot. You did it Bill. You got this old man through the program despite those rather noteworthy curve balls I was being tossed. Your patience and motivation are the attributes to which this achievement can be based. Yes, you are my instructor, but you are also my friend and a friend to the entire Serani clan.

Way to go McAir! If you ever need a testimonial to your program from an entire family of pilots who came through those programs, please feel free to call on any of us.

Scott M. Serani

dokterMr. Adam Dokter:
Former McAir Flight Instructor

First Officer
Chautauqua Airlines/Republic Airways
Embraer 145

It is with great pleasure that I write you today recommending McAir Aviation.  Whether your goals are to be a professional pilot or simply to pursue your dream of flying, McAir is the perfect place for you.  Under John and Gary’s direction, McAir has transformed into one of the most reliable, safe, and involved flight schools around. 

Offering a fleet of next generation aircraft, as well as a dedicated and available staff, many people have realized their dream of flight.  Having received approval from the FAA to be a part 141 school, McAir offers the advantage of achieving your ratings with less flight time resulting in a lower cost.  For McAir to achieve this was no easy task.  It requires high standards from the FAA, and proves that your experience at McAir will exceed that of the required minimum.

As a former McAir instructor, I saw first hand the atmosphere that went along with everyday training.  It includes a professional, yet fun atmosphere where students feel encouraged to learn and reach their goals.  As a result, countless students have done just that.  The staff at McAir continues to strive for the best experience, safest environment, and success of each student that walks in that door. 

Once realizing the enthusiasm of the staff at McAir, combined with a passion of learning to fly, you will no doubt be successful.  My time there was truly one of the best experiences of my life and surely it will be for you too. 

Adam B. Dokter
First Officer
Chautauqua Airlines/Republic Airways
Embraer 145

Randy Fuss : pic
McAir Aviation Student 

To Whom It May Concern: RE: McAir Aviation

Several years ago, I decided to pursue and fulfill my lifelong dream of acquiring a private pilot license. During the selection of a flight academy, I was fortunate enough to discover McAir Aviation and the wonderful people there. I researched, interviewed and compared several options available to me but McAir stood head and shoulders above the competition in many ways.

After only a few lessons, I was so impressed with McAir Aviation that I decided to enroll my son and he quickly earned his private pilot certificate as well. Also, when it was time for me to pursue an instrument rating, McAir was the obvious and logical choice. They have always accommodated my son and I beyond our expectations and are a first-class operation in every respect.

I am particularly pleased to have the opportunity to express my highest personal recommendation for McAir Aviation to anyone interested in flight instruction.


Randy Fuss President & C.E.O.



Jeff Carney:
Former McAir Aviation Student 

Hi Justin,

It's been two years since I flew at McAir in the summer of 2008 and I have to say my thanks is long overdue. At that time I spent the entire month of August from 8 AM to 8 PM every day working on my instrument and multi-engine ratings at the school and had an excellent experience flying with my instructors. After returning home to Connecticut I built a lot of time toward my commercial multi-engine license at the 135 charter company I work for, earned the license last year and have been working as an SIC and maintenance apprentice (toward an A&P) ever since.

The bigger the planes get, the more I realize the importance of learning the basics of instrument and multi-engine flying, which I developed at McAir. These days I am lucky enough to fly Barons, a Cheyenne, King Airs (90/200/350), CJ2's and a CJ3 with 500 hours total time! This job also allows a low-time pilot to observe the qualities of a good captain- the best ones we have were also phenomenal instructors while the not-so-good ones were not instructors. At times I consider returning to McAir as an instructor to develop those skills despite the allure of the current fleet I fly.

Hopefully business has been good for you guys out west, or at least on the up and up. When I visit Colorado I'll be sure to stop by and say a quick hello. Finally, listening to you and the owners talk about motorcycles, and driving the roads out in Boulder convinced me to get my own bike. I'm proud to say I have a 2003 Triumph Speed Triple in the stable for two years now and hope to ride the Rockies with it!

Many Thanks,
Jeff Carney-

Mr. Grover Draughon:
Former McAir Aviation Student and Flight Instructor

groverThe professional pilot industry requires more of pilot candidates than “PTS Standards” and “FAA requirements”. Teaching safe practices, habits, making every flight fun & interesting, and taking a serious disciplined approach to every flight should be the backbone of all primary training.

That's why I believe McAir Certificated Flight Instructors are the best in the country. The superior level of instruction and drive from the McAir instructor group is evident from their numerous student success stories. Each and every instructor at McAir understands the importance of implementing professionalism, goal-setting, and well-rounded training from the beginning.

To best optimize the learning atmosphere McAir developed their own Standard Operating Procedures and curriculum. Furthermore, McAir students benefit from a modern fleet of aircraft that are equipped with the same next-generation avionics technology that they'll use in airlines and corporate flight departments later in their careers.

I am immensely appreciative of all of the hard working employees at McAir Aviation and the school owners, Gary Hulme & John Wiltfang, for helping me reach my own career goals. It was more than just flight training, but an entire experience geared for safety and success. I take the lessons and experiences I learned at McAir with me on every commercial flight I operate today.

If you're looking for an outstanding and outperforming flight training operation then please look no further than McAir Aviation.

Best Regards,
Grover L. Draughon III CRJ-200 First Officer,
Pinnacle Airlines Inc. Metro State Alum, 2005


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