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A Word From Our Owners

Flight training, private pilot licenseWelcome to the World of Aviation!  

Less than ½ of one percent of the world’s population has ever experience the thrill, exhilaration, and freedom of piloting an aircraft.  For most of us, learning to fly is the fruition of childhood dreams.  All of us here at McAir are truly honored to be apart of helping you achieve your dreams and goals.  You literally are one in a million.

As business owners, we have a very clear goal.  To be the very best we can be – to be at the very top of our game.  Everything we do, we do to be the very best flight school in the world.  We know that is a lofty goal, but the way we look at it, someone has to be the best.  And when we say best, we don’t necessarily have to be the largest.    

We know, without question, that the way to achieve that goal for the business is to put your goals first – not just in words, but in everything we do, and every business decision we make.  In means doing those things behind the scenes to create a safe training environment.  Things like providing the highest quality equipment, a passionate and talented staff, and well conceived policies and procedures to minimize risk. 

We can give you all the tools you need – the best general aviation has to offer – but without your constant feedback, your training can stall.  You see, flight training is more akin to learning to ski or shooting a free-throw shot.  It is more about coaching and technique than lectures and quizzes.  We can tell you why plane flys and what the rudder does.  But it’s up to you to develop the skill and understanding to put it all together.  Your flight instructor will coach you, giving you feedback, and tips on your technique.  He or she will share their personal knowledge and present the information you need to know.  Your job is to ask questions, lots of them.  To take an active role in your training.  To challenge us to teach you more.  Your job is to get the most out of the training.  You’ll need to study, and be diligent in the aircraft, but all the while, you’ll be doing what you will surely love.  If we both do our part, you and us, you’ll have a great time, and become a safe, competent pilot.

For the two of us, as owners of the business, McAir is a culmination of our own, very personal dreams; to provide a place where anyone, no matter where they came from or how they got here, can experience the life changing effects of being a pilot.  It's an honor to apart of the world aviation community. We have met some of the most talented and dedicated folks. From 16 year olds who just soloed for the first time to NASA mission control specialists. Not to mention the privilege of working on a daily basis with the best staff a flight school could ever have.

You see, it's not all just about the ability to pilot an aircraft above the earth.  That’s just half of it.  What you will come to learn is that being a pilot is much more.  It is the fulfillment of dreams and the personal satisfaction one gets from reaching a goal.  A goal that so few others will ever realize. It’s the opening up of a whole new world.  A world of new vistas, new challenges, new experiences, and new friends who share your passion.

We are so pleased that you have chosen to join us.  You are among friends here, make yourself at home.

Once again, welcome to the World of Aviation.  And welcome to McAir!

Gary Hulme           John Wiltfang



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