...just a thanks to Jeremy Dickinson, CFI, who answered all of the questions I had as a parent who is trying to balance the best approach between a college education and flight school for my 16yr old..he clearly is passionate about aviation and answered all of my questions without any indication of feeling rushed..thanks Jeremy,

- Dave H.


Medical Exams

learn to fly flighttraining medical exams faa private pilot airplaneThere are 3 classes of FAA Medical Certificates; Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3.

As a private pilot or student pilot you’ll need a Class 3. It also servers as your Student Pilot Certificate while training. It is just a quick exam with an FAA Certified Medical Examiner. You don’t have to get it right away—you can start your flight training without it. However, you do need it before you solo and it’s a good idea not to put it off.

We would like you to get it done by your 3rd flight lesson - just to make sure everything is ok before you spend a bunch of money on your training.




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