"Having previously flown at another flight school at Jeffco and an FBO at Boulder (1V5), I came to McAir with a private license and instrument rating. I have since earned my commercial single-engine license and CFI certificate. The instructors at McAir are employees of McAir and take pride in their jobs. The maintenance, billing, and record-keeping at McAir are excellent. Once or twice I have had billing issues and they are always resolved immediately, in-person at the counter without a wait or fuss. Very professional and safe!"

- Matthew B.


Real Career Placement

SkyWest Airlines and McAir Aviation have joined forces to open the door to your Professional Pilot Career!

The SkyWest Airlines/McAir Aviation Bridge Program is the first of its kind and designed to offer you unique career opportunities at SkyWest Airlines. The joint partnership between SkyWest and McAir will help ensure the continued success of the Aviation Industry and have a major impact on your goal of becoming a Professional Pilot at a very well known and respected airline.

Once qualified, you will have the opportunity to enter the Enhanced Internship Program (EIP) with SkyWest Airlines. Upon acceptance into the program you’ll receive preferential consideration for employment at SkyWest Airlines.

The intent of the EIP is to create a path for you to bridge the gap between the completion of your Flight Instructor Certification (CFI) and the 1,500 hour flight time requirement for the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP) – Unlike most internships in the aviation industry today, you’ll receive compensation by continuing to flight instruct at McAir Aviation.

Here’s how it works:

  • You will attend the SkyWest New Hire Orientation in either Salt Lake City or Denver.
  • You’ll assist SkyWest and McAir with projects, job fairs, recruitment events, and mentoring your students.
  • You will be personally mentored and provided with jet transition training by SkyWest’s current professional Pilots.
  • Most importantly, you will be given a Date-of-Hire (DOH) with SkyWest Airlines at your orientation indicating the start of your conditional employment, giving you seniority over other potential SkyWest Employees not enrolled in the internship program.

A Few of the Details...

  • You must indicate to McAir Aviation prior to completion of your Instrument Rating if you’d like to participate in the EIP.
  • Hiring as a McAir Employee (Certified Flight Instructor) is conditional upon meeting McAir’s prerequisites, passing a Final Interview, and passing your Interview Flight and the FAA Part 141 Check Flight with our Chief Flight Instructor.
  • Once you are accepted into the EIP, your continued participation in the program is based on your professionalism and job performance in the flight training environment and is at the sole discretion of McAir Aviation.
  • Hiring as a SkyWest Employee (First Officer) after your internship is conditional upon meeting the SkyWest prerequisites, passing a Final Interview, and obtaining your ATP.
  • Placement into a ground school or a hiring pool will be based on operational needs of SkyWest.
  • You’ll be assigned a SkyWest ground school date within the regular course of business and as Operational needs allow.
  • Once offered, you will be treated the same as any existing SkyWest employee, which includes seniority within that class.
  • If the class date is unknown, you’ll be placed at the top of the pool of candidates awaiting class assignments, in the order received.


Call McAir Aviation to schedule a counseling session and discuss all the prerequisites and details of this fantastic opportunity!

Come Join the SkyWest / McAir Team!

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