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"I would like to congratulate you guys for a very professional operation. I obtained my ASEL at another airport, and I can tell you all that flying with McAir is almost like flying with the airlines in comparison. I work with other pilots at Boulder County, and I always stick out my chest with pride when I tell them who I fly with. The service you guys give to both we pilots, and the fleet, makes it truly a professional operation."

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Your Pilot License

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The Private Pilot certificate is your first step into the world of aviation. As a private pilot you may fly aircraft for pleasure, day or night, and you may invite friends to join you. Enjoy weekend getaways, unwind after work, go sightseeing, or just experience the exhilaration of flight.

Back in the 1950's, the Federal Aviation Administration set minimum flight times required to complete your training: 35 hours total flight time in the airplane, 28 hours of which are instructional and the other 5 made up of solo time. However, these are just minimums. Much has changed in the last 50 years, and today there is a bit more to learn. The current national average for a Private Pilot's license is about 70 hours. The average training usually consists of more instruction, rather than 28 hours of instruction, closer to 35. However, when you train at McAir Aviation and incorporate the CBI Kit, the average drops to 54 hours* - a savings of nearly $2500.00. Remember, the objective is not to complete your training with the minimum training possible, rather, to get the best training available to last your lifetime. For many of us, the private pilot training is the only training we will ever receive.

We have compiled the information below to assist you in planning a budget to complete your Private Pilot Training. To help give you a realistic budget, we have based the cost of training based on the McAir Aviation average and flying a Next Generation Cessna 172S model. This is a best guess estimate. Remember, much will depend on your personal commitment to your training.

Cessna Training Kit
$ 379
Aircraft Rental @ $145/ hour (54 hours average*)
$ 7,830
Flight Instruction @ $49/hr (45 hours average)
$ 2,205
Ground Instruction @ $49/hr (30 hours pre/post flight )
$ 1,470
Written Test
$ 100
FAA Medical
$ 85
FAA Check-ride
$ 400
$ 12,469

If you base the total training time strictly on the FAA minimums, including everything you need - even a headset - the cost would be $8,499.50

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