Aviation and Career Services Seminars – Open to Public

McAir Aviation & Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology are teaming up! We will be hosting a series of seminars on a variety of subjects, from Introduction to Flight Topics, Ground School Lessons, Industry Partner Workshops, and more. Sign up below to receive updates and access to these seminars.

Upcoming Seminars

To our McAir Aviation & Spartan College communities:
We are currently working on ways to set-up our in-person events to be available virtually as well so that we can make our seminars easy for all to access. With that in mind, we’re taking a few weeks to re-configure our set-ups. More details to come soon. Thanks in advance for your patience!
Student Informational Day: Certifications
6/22/2021 - 4PM CT / 2PM PT
Take a moment to stop and smell the certifications you can train for at Spartan College. We're hosting a Student Informational Day to answer all of your simmering, lingering, and burning questions. Take it from us, we've been around since 1928, we've heard every question in the book. Let us be your guide.


~13 Months

In as few as 13 months, you can train for a career as a Commercially Rated Pilot* (Single Engine, Multi-Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor)

363 Days

McAir Conducts Flight Training

Flight School Training at McAir combined with Certified Instructing** to build hours, then instructing is one of the fastest paths to apply with the airlines.

Completing training and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) hours building at McAir may provide options and access with the airlines.

Training to become a pilot may open doors to various opportunities**, click to see additional pathways.

*McAir Aviation does not guarantee third-party certifications/ratings.

**Employment is not guaranteed

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