Why Choose McAir?

McAir Aviation offers a non-stop flight to success. At McAir, our goal is a simple one, to create the safest, best-trained professional pilots in the industry and provide them with a seamless and rapid start to a career.

Supporting your passion of flight, whether it be a career in aviation, or if you just want to experience the challenge and adventure of flight, this is the place to become a safe and competent pilot. McAir Aviation is nationally recognized as a great place to learn to fly and receive professional flight training and instruction.

We offer a variety of licensing options including Private, Instrument, Multi-Engine and Certified Flight Instructor training. Our first-class accelerated flight school programs can take new student from zero experience to paid airline pilot in less than two years. Our premier pilot school training can unlock other advantages and career opportunities.

Colorado and the Rocky Mountain front range offer one of the best flight training environments in the world. With 300+ days of sunshine, we give our pilots many more safe and consistent flying days, not to mention the summer is not nearly as hot as other regions.

Flying in and around the Rocky Mountains is unique, exhilarating, and extremely rewarding.

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Top 10 Reasons to choose McAir Aviation

  1. McAir is a FAA Certified Part 141 Flight School that delivers exceptional flight training and safety standards. Many flight schools that train pilots under FAA Certified Part 61 are not regulated by the FAA.
  2. McAir is a proud participating school of several Airline Pilot Programs: Envoy, Piedmont, and SkyWest Airlines.
  3. Affiliated with Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum to offer flight training opportunities and scholarships.
  4. Approved by the Colorado State Approving Agency to offer VA benefit training to all Veterans and Military personnel.
  5. All McAir graduates are guaranteed an interview for a job as a Certified Flight Instructor.
  6. On average our pilots train and earn their licenses/certificates 20% faster - significantly above the national average for flight schools.
  7. One on one flight instruction, advanced pilot training equipment  and technology all dedicated to your training success.
  8. FAA approved State-of-the-Art online training materials and real-time online scheduling – your training materials and flight schedule can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.
  9. Standardized Fleet of Cessna 172S Aircraft with full service onsite maintenance.
  10. Established partnerships with many colleges and universities giving you the opportunity to earn a degree while training to become a pilot.

Exceptional Insurance Coverage

As a student of McAir Aviation - if you abide by the rental agreement and McAir’s Policies and Safety Procedures, the pilot would only be financially responsible for the first $500 of any and all damage to the aircraft (per occurrence).

Schedule Your Flight Training

Once you have met your instructor, the two of you will schedule your lessons together, around your schedule. Generally, each flight lesson takes about 2 hours: an hour or more in the airplane and the remaining time for pre and post flight. There is some ground instruction time giving you the opportunity to ask questions, review that day’s flight lesson, and plan your next flight.


2 Years

From Zero Experience to Commercial Airline Pilot

362 Days

McAir Conducts Flight Training

Fastest, Proven Path to Become an Airline Pilot

McAir is your airline pilot training solution from zero experience to airline pilot job, our partnerships with airline tuition reimbursement programs are proven benefits to get you to the airlines first.

As an McAir graduate you have more options and access to every major airline. Choose your own aviation career path, with our accelerated training courses you will realize your goals faster, this is proven by more graduates flying for airlines than any other academy.

Becoming a pilot will open many other opportunities, click to see additional pathways.

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