McAir Aviation is one of the leading Cessna Pilot Center. We train and fly a fleet of new aircraft including 172S models, Piper Seminoles, Frasca TruFlite, Full Motion Redbird Simulator, and G1000 avionics.

To be a great place to work, we need great people to work with us. We are potentially looking for energetic, motivated individuals to join our team of exceptional instructors and staff.

It’s simple: our employees are our greatest asset. You represent McAir to our customers, on the ground, in the air, and more. It’s a competitive environment, but we see that as a good thing. In the end it’s a place where you can perform at a high level, have a great work-life balance and the chance to shape your career. And isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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Dispatcher (Part Time)

At the front desk, you will help with scheduling, planning, and controlling the dispatch of aircraft, and reporting all schedule changes; as well as requesting amount of fuel, oil, deicing needed to line service from student or instructor, and fuel regulations prescribed by Federal Aviation Agency. You will need to review documentation to release flight for takeoff including financial means to pay for flight scheduling flight and help guide or direct students in scheduling flight operations and utilization of aircraft. You will also be responsible for arrival/end-of-day inspection of the for security.
Dispatcher Application
*At this time McAir Aviation is not accepting applications for this position, please try again at a later date.
*At this time McAir Aviation is not accepting applications for this position, please try again at a later date.

Flight Instructor

Be professional, willing to work within a team environment, and take the company to the next level. We hire great flight instructors. If you are simply looking to build time, please apply elsewhere. However, if you want to share your love of flying in a professional, safe environment while logging exceptional flight time, we would like to hear from you. Remember, a successful instructor is one who puts the goals of their client ahead of their own.

Minimum qualifications:

  • CFII
  • 250 hours of dual given preferred
  • G1000 flight time a plus
Flight Instructor Application

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor (MCA)

The Assistant Chief Flight Instructor is responsible to provide safe, effective, and efficient FAA Part 141 flight instruction operations for the Flight School that is in accordance with all local, state, and federal guidelines.

  • Directs daily operations to ensure compliance with FAA regulations
  • Makes hiring recommendations, trains staff, and evaluates performance
  • Develops Training Course Outlines, Training Manuals and Procedures
  • Monitors pilot proficiency and currency
  • Monitor FAA 80% pass rate
  • Certifying each student's training record, graduation certificate, stage check and end-of-course test reports, and recommendation for course completion, unless the duties are delegated by the chief instructor to an assistant chief instructor or recommending instructor
Assistant Chief Flight Instructor Application
*At this time McAir Aviation is not accepting applications for this position, please try again at a later date.

Chief Flight Instructor

Our Chief Flight Instructor will direct flight instructors, Assistant Chief’s, students, and team members in maintaining a culture of safety, efficiency, and operational excellences. The Chief Flight Instructor for the McAir Flight Campus works closely with the VP of Flight Ops, and Director of Maintenance to support operations of the flight campus. This includes playing an active role in student interactions and in compliance regulations from the FAA.

Chief Flight Instructor Application

Flight Crew - Line Operations (Part-Time)

Line Operations, will conduct routine assignments for specific aircraft while maintaining all safety requirements. Duties will include;

  • Perform limited maintenance, inspection, and repair of equipment used by Line Service
  • Perform aircraft engine preheating
  • Perform aircraft surface de-icing
  • Repositioning aircraft as needed for operations and maintenance
  • Washing and waxing of aircraft
  • Perform collection of data for nightly tach/hobbs reports
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Monitor off-loading of Avgas and Autogas
  • Monitor ramp and hanger areas to ensure aircraft are secured and tied down.
  • Perform other incidental duties as may be required
Line Operations Application

Flight Crew Scheduler

This position conducts authorize, schedules, regulates and controls flights according to government and company regulations to expedite the flight operations schedule. This position has a dotted line to the Chief Flight Instructor.

Flight Crew Scheduler Application

Aircraft Mechanic

The McAir Aircraft Mechanic position is a multi-faceted role with a primary focus on providing safe aircraft to our Flight Instructors and our students. We are seeking an individual who is enthusiastic about working in aviation. Our work environment is a pleasant atmosphere built and maintained by employees who share strong traits such as being self-motivated, highly accountable, positive, energetic, eager to learn, and continually seeking personal improvement.

  • Perform routine maintenance and inspections of McAir fleet aircraft, Cessna 172S and Piper PA44-180

  • Offer timely support and customer service to flight instructors and students

  • Contribute to upkeep of hangar appearance and cleanliness

  • Maintain various ground support equipment

Aircraft Mechanic Application
*At this time McAir Aviation is not accepting applications for this position, please try again at a later date.


~13 Months

In as few as 13 months, you can train for a career as a Commercially Rated Pilot* (Single Engine, Multi-Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor)

363 Days

McAir Conducts Flight Training

Flight School Training at McAir combined with Certified Instructing** to build hours, then instructing is one of the fastest paths to apply with the airlines.

Completing training and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) hours building at McAir may provide options and access with the airlines.

Training to become a pilot may open doors to various opportunities**, click to see additional pathways.

*McAir Aviation does not guarantee third-party certifications/ratings.

**Employment is not guaranteed

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