Located at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC) in Broomfield, McAir Aviation is home to the most advanced fleet not only in Colorado but worldwide.
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At McAir, we are setting a higher standard for what is expected at a flight school. Our primary commitment is to your safety and success. McAir's welcoming student-focused culture makes it the go-to choice for cadets from all over the world.
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Our flight training programs make your dream of becoming an airline pilot a reality. Each program's curriculum is carefully optimized for you to master the skills needed to be a commercial pilot through safe, high-quality and efficient training.
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Go from zero experience to commercial pilot in about 2 years.


Transparent costs with no surprise fees throughout your training.

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Benefit & Tuition Reimbursement Packages, Mentorship, & Employment Opportunities
Located at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC) in Broomfield, McAir Aviation is home to the most advanced fleet not only in Colorado but worldwide. We’ve trained students to become pilots since 1994 and have truly stood above the rest, focusing 100 percent on quality, safety, and a fun flying experience. As an approved Cessna Pilot Center, you can be assured you are receiving the best training available.

Whether you want to just learn to fly for fun, are aspiring to have a professional career in aviation, or are already a pilot looking to gain additional flight hours, we offer the most affordable path to learn how to fly. From the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US Military or the thousands of satisfied clients we have trained, McAir Aviation is recognized nationally as a great place to learn to fly and receive professional flight training and instruction. And we have the results to back it up.

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Pilot Jobs in the Next 20 Years
Aspiring aviators who begin their training today will be well positioned to take advantage of new job opportunities as the industry recovers. While the current industry downturn, driven by COVID-19, has resulted in a temporary oversupply of qualified personnel, the long-term need remains robust. The short-term oversupply allows operators the opportunity to build their pipeline in anticipation of growth returning in the next few years. With the growing demand for air travel, the need for qualified, commercial pilots increases. The 2020 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook projects that 763,000 new civil aviation pilots will be needed to fly and maintain the world fleet over the next 20 years.

As tens of thousands of pilots, technicians and cabin crew members reach retirement age over the next decade, educational outreach and career pathway programs will be essential to inspiring and recruiting the next generation. ). Within the last three decades, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released in 2018 the number of US pilots has decreased by 30 percent. Research firm, Cowen & Company estimates 42 percent of the active pilot workforce at the five largest US airlines will retire by the end of 2026.

Additionally, as commercial traffic demand returns in upcoming years, aspiring aviators will have the opportunity to fill open positions created by a combination of personnel retirements and fleet growth.

Advances in adaptive learning capabilities, artificial intelligence and learner analytics will further personalize training to the individual student so that greater emphasis can be placed on closing knowledge gaps.

Our Airline Partners

Our career pipeline programs are the most efficient and dependable way to launch your career in aviation.

Our Equipment

You will train in today’s technology and master the latest and greatest. Our aircraft provide you with a greater margin of safety and reliability, standardized training, and a comfortable learning environment. Our large fleet of quality aircraft gives you greater ease of scheduling and fewer lesson cancellations due to scheduled maintenance inspections. The result is efficient flight training that will last you a lifetime and carry you into your future aviation career.

- Cessna 172S Equipped with Nav II Package
- Cessna 172S NavIII G1000 Glass Cockpit
- Piper Seminole
- RedBird MCX Simulator
- Frasca TruFlite Simulator
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~13 Months

In as few as 13 months, you can train from Zero Experience to a Commercially Rated Pilot* (Single Engine, Multi Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor)

362 Days

McAir Conducts Flight Training

Flight School Training at McAir combined with Certified Instructing** to build hours then Instructing is on one of the fastest paths to apply with the airlines.

Completing training and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) hours building at McAir may provide options and access with the airlines.

Becoming a pilot will open many other opportunities, click to see additional pathways.

*McAir Aviation does not guarantee third-party certifications/ratings.

**Employment is not guaranteed

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