Meet Our Team

Our mission is to supply the aviation industry with well-trained pilots. Every day McAir employees get to do what we love, living their lives off the ground. We maintain a fun yet professional atmosphere, which provides our students an opportunity to learn and grow during their training. Enjoy the fellowship that comes with training to be an aviator. Our flight team at McAir Aviation are certified professionals preparing students for the aviation industry.
Below are the people that help make it happen:

Chief Flight Instructors

James Hwang
Ryan Munden

Assistant Chief Flight Instructors

Scot Goldie
Casey Oliveira

Certified Flight Instructors

Kelsey Barlow
Eryn Becker
Alex Barba
Nagy Elsayed
Sam Aaberg
Alexander Watrous
Brendan Rodolf
Duke Frommer
Grant Rodolph
Jackson Madrid
Jay Martin
Mark Sanford
Sanghan Go
Wallace Plowden
Michael Priess
Carrington Simoneau
Amanda McKeon
Michael Rosario
Darby Berringer
Andrew White
Chandler Andrews
Eoryang (Jacob) Pak
Hankyu Park
Jacob Briggs
John Sauer
Maury (Alex) Lopez
Sara Johnsen
Zachary Shannon
Kristin Sito
Kendrick Flor
Matt Zadigan
Molly Wallin
Leah Kilponen
Anton Barlow
Christopher Harris
Erica Kalmeta
Hans Berggren
Jaiden Batts
Keilidh McMath
Mitchell Gibbons
Travis Michaels
Laura Mendoza
Cody Gray
Ryan Gregory
Joseph Edwards
Bryan Mitchell
Benjamin Adams
Devin Burke
George Edwards
Hayden Brown
Jared Lukowicz
Leonardo Santoyo
Rebecca Albert
Trevor Brown


Alexis Goslee
Emma Hambright


Calvin Davis
Lucas Bittick
Anthony Vernetti


Terry DiManna
Kevin Czarnecki
Batuhan Cakici


~13 Months

In as few as 13 months**, you can train for a career as a Commercially Rated Pilot*
(Private Pilot Airplane, Single-Engine Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate Airplane Single-Engine, Commercial Pilot Certificate Airplane Multi-Engine, Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument)

363 Days

McAir Conducts Flight Training

*McAir Aviation does not guarantee third-party certifications/ratings or employment.

**Assumes full time flying schedule.

***Additional flight hours and certification required to be eligible to apply for airline pilot positions.

Privacy Policy
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