Domestic Students

One of the many advantages of flying at McAir Aviation as a Part 141 certified school, compared to Part 61 training options, is that fewer flight hours are required to qualify for a pilot certificate. The requirement for a private pilot license is 40 hours under Part 61 and 35 hours at a Part 141 certified school. Part 141 allows us to instruct according to a stringent and efficient training syllabus, focused on pilot proficiency and cost effectiveness to our students.

To be eligible to obtain a private pilot license, you must be at least 17 years old and be able to obtain and maintain a Third-Class Medical Certificate. It consists of an exam with an FAA Airman Medical Examiner. You must pass both a written knowledge test and a practical flight test to earn your private pilot certificate.

McAir Aviation engages with local school districts and colleges to provide practical, real-world flight lessons, education and training for students interested in aviation. Beyond the career benefits, learning to fly is a hands-on way to apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students of all ages build a deeper understanding, and possibly even a passion, for the STEM disciplines through aviation.

A Part 141 School, like McAir Aviation, has been granted an Air Agency Certificate by the FAA.

One of the many advantages to flying at McAir Aviation (a certificated Part 141 school), over a Part 61 training provider or individual instructor, is that fewer flight hours are required to qualify for a pilot certificate. The requirement for a private pilot certificate is 40 hours under part 61 training or 35 hours in a part 141 certificated school.

This is also true for your additional ratings and certificates. For instance, if you are training at McAir, you do not need to log the additional 50 hours of cross-country time needed for the Instrument Rating under part 61. This can save you both time and money.
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College Students

Would you like to work towards your bachelor’s degree while training to fly at McAir? We are an authorized training provider with MSU Denver. Learn more at MSU Curriculum Guide for Aeronautical sciences; MSU Denver Restricted-Airline Transport Pilot (R-ATP) Authorization section. McAir does not guarantee college credits and the decision to accept flight hours is up to the receiving institution.

There are colleges that may provide McAir students wishing to complete a college degree the flexibility to continue flight training. The online courses may allow pilots to maintain busy schedules and access the courses at their convenience. Students enrolled in an online degree at one of our partnered schools have many of the same benefits as on campus students such as federal financial aid to those who qualify. McAir is not a party to outside educational options, which are subject to provider terms, conditions, and changes. 

For some, it seems perfectly ideal to be in class with face-to-face interaction. Our agreement with MSU Denver may allow students who qualify to have classes on-campus and then schedule their flight training around their class schedule.

High School Students

Did you know you could start flying solo at the age of 16?
It is an exhilarating experience for any student to achieve the goal of flying an aircraft without the presence of a flight instructor.

Our mission is to provide training for students that have the desire and passion to fly. Our goal is to expose students to the world of aviation while allowing them to explore the many aspects of the aviation industry and possible career opportunities. We help students who are passionate about flying by providing the foundational knowledge and instruction to train for a possible pilot career.


~13 Months

In as few as 13 months**, you can train for a career as a Commercially Rated Pilot*
(Private Pilot Airplane, Single-Engine Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate Airplane Single-Engine, Commercial Pilot Certificate Airplane Multi-Engine, Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument)

363 Days

McAir Conducts Flight Training

*McAir Aviation does not guarantee third-party certifications/ratings or employment.

**Assumes full time flying schedule.

***Additional flight hours and certification required to be eligible to apply for airline pilot positions.

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