Did you know that McAir's G1000 equipped 172's and 182 are also equipped with the industry's state-of-the-art airbag system??

It's built right into your restraint system.

See the video below for a closer look ...

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"Gary, John and everyone at McAir Aviation,

I've been looking for the proper adjectives to use to let you know how I feel about McAir. There just are not enough words to though. You guys are wonderful, top notch, friendly people doing an incredible job."

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Fleet List

McAir Aviation offers you the largest fleet of Next Generation Aircraft at any Cessna Certified Pilot Center in the World!

In fact, our entire fleet is make up of Next Generation Cessna, REMOS, and Piper aircraft. So from your first Introductory Flight Lesson through your Airline Transport Pilot rating you'll train in the latest equipment. You see, we're committed to providing the highest caliber flight training available - and that means we have invested heavily in the most modern and safest fleet available anywhere. You won't see any "vintage" 25 - 30 year old aircraft on our flightline.

Decades Ahead of the Competition. Literally.

But what does that mean for you? Simple, training in new aircraft means you get more for you money. You will train in today's technology and master the latest and greatest. Our new aircraft provide you with a greater margin of safety and reliability, standardized training, and a comfortable learning environment. Our large fleet of quality aircraft gives you greater ease of scheduling and fewer lesson cancellations due to scheduled maintenance inspections. The result is efficient flight training that will last you a lifetime and carry you into your future aviation career.


Cessna 172 S Equipped With Nav II Package   

All of our new Cessna's are equipped with the very latest in avionics and safety features. They are the ideal platform for your private and instrument training - training that will carry with you the rest of your flying career.


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Our Cessna 172S models are 180hp and feature the latest GPS technology including:

  • King 155A Dual Nav/Com,
  • Intercom/Dual PTT (4 place),
  • Mode C Transponder
  • Autopilot KAP 140 (2 axis)
  • GPS-KLN 94, Multi Function Display
2003 172S
2004 172S
2005 172S
2003 172S
2004 172S

Cessna 172S G1000 & 182T G1000

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pilot license training instruction flight g1000


It just doesn't get any better than this! Train in a new Cessna 172 equipped with the Garmin G1000 Glass Panel. Featuring:

  • ATC Playback
  • Live Traffic Overlay
  • Stormscope
  • Moving Map w/ Terrain
  • Autopilot KAP 140 (2 axis)
  • Intercom/Dual PTT (4 place)
2005 182T G1000
2005 172S G1000
2005 172S G1000
2005 172S G1000
2005 172S G1000
2005 172S G1000

Piper Arrow
Commercial / CFI Complex Trainer.

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The perfect commercial / complex trainer. This no "old beater"!

N800JA could be the best equipped Arrow in the country. It features the very latest avionics:

  • NEW!! Garmin G600 PFD/MFD System
  • Century HSI
  • Garmin MX20 Multi Function Display
  • Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel with 4-place Intercom
  • Garmin GTX327 Transponder
  • Dual Garmin GNS430 Nav/Com / GPS / Moving Map's / WAAS Enabled
  • Garmin GDL90 ADS-B (displays traffic & weather)
  • It even has "SAFE TAXI" & much more!!


Piper Seminole
Multi-Engine Trainer

multi engine multi-engine mei flight instruction piper seminole school

mie multi-engine rating flight training school instruction piper seminole

2004 Piper Seminole

Piper Seminole for your Multi Engine Rating, Commercial Multi Certificate, and ATP

  • Dual Garmin 430s
  • Moving map GPS
  • NavCom with Glide Slope
  • S-Tec 55 Auto Pilot with Alt Pre-select
  • HSI
  • Flight Director
  • ADF

Frasca TruFlite Simulator / FTD
McAir Aviation's Frasca TruFlite Simulator and sub-systems are designed to provide the ultimate in realism by combining experience with developing technology.

flight training simulator



The TruFlite incorporates Frasca’s newest technology developed for Level 6 FTDs and Full Flight Simulators.

Training in the Frasca TrueFlite is an integral part of your overall training at McAir. It allows you, our student, to experience a variety of scenarios safely. Scenarios which otherwise could not be possible in an actual aircraft.

Features Include:

  • Enclosed two seat cockpit
  • Dual controls
  • Digital audio and sound - TruSound
  • Graphical Instructor Station (GISt)
  • New low profile shell
  • Garmin 430 GPS
  • Multi engine conversion kit
  • Frasca’s TruVision textured visual system with 170 degree wrap around display

Stop in for a tour and see for yourself how one of the world's finest fleet of aircraft available anywhere can enhance your training and safety.


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